1st event on coilovers

This is most likely the last event of the 2005 and is a non-points event. The summer series is done. Not like I have a chance to improve my position anyway. But boy could I use this event. After two events at tiny Boeing, and missing out on running the Lude at Ripken with the coilovers it will be good to get her on a fast course where she is most fun. Sadly, but not totally sadly, the big guns stayed home today. No Cy Lee, no Mike Louie, no Kyle Beller, even no Scott Boioto. Kurt from PO also came out to finally run his car too. And his friend with the ITR powered Elise. Kurt got the new Azenis in 215/40/17 on FN01R-C rims (I knew I should have gotten them instead of the Kazeras, they look good). I was really curious how he would do with them. He didn’t do that great, but was also struggling with staying on course and the usual noobie stuff. In retrospect I should have asked to take a run in his car, or bought some fun runs and ran his car in one of those. But I knew Irene didn’t want to stay all day.

The day eneded up being good for me, as I won the class and finally got that glass that I had come so close to getting half the season, but being one place or a few seconds too slow. Being that the front runners where not there that day I was expecting myself to win, but it was still good. I managed to beat Mike Burg, who usually finishes a place ahead or two from me. It could have to do with the fact that the course was EXTRA fast today. Horsepower pays off on a wide open course like that and Mike’s Protoge is definitly a momentum car. The course was super fast. The out portion was some stuff, a slolam, then a buch of back and forth gates like a big slolam. That’s where the big speed was. My 1st run I was definitly tenative though there. But I got progressivly faster and my last run I was sliding just a little through the transitions and hit the rev limiter at the end of them. I’ve never hit the rev limiter in 2nd on an autocross course. It was fun. The event was punctuated by one big downer. Jeff hurst came in his Celica and ran 5 whole seconds faster than me. On a 45 second course that is 11% slower. That how far behind the top national level guys I am. That and the fact that I knew I only one b/c the afforementioned guys didn’t show. If we had the usual STS field I would have been 5th or 6th.