Bench Racing & Budget Blues

The off-season sucks because besides the fact that there is no racing going on, you have too much time to think. I had myself convinced at the start of the winter that if I prepped my car to the absolute extent of the rules, including ripping out the AC and getting ulta thin Kirky seats that I could catch up to the Civics. But when I sat down and looked at what it would cost it shortly became a non-reality. All the stuff I would need is just too much for me to afford. At least while I am still making car payments each month. So back down to reality and stomaching the fact that the best I will ever get is best of the rest, an even that is shaky. :-( I’ve known that to get the best out of the car I need some Konis. And the spring rates still need some playing around with. I do not want to make the car too loose however b/c it is my only car and I have to drive it even when the weather is bad and on roads where you don’t know what idiot is looming around the next bend. I don’t want to have to worry about looping the car on a rainy night. I am also not sure where a larger anti-roll bar would fit into things. Both stiffer rear springs and an anti-roll bar increase roll stiffness, but the spring rate does some other things. Hmmm. Maybe I am on to something. Another thing I thought about doing is getting some 16×7.5s for the front to try and maximize the front contact patch. But that is still going to be $400 some dollars. Money is gonna be tight this year. :-(