Cold, Cold, Cold

Cold, Cold, Cold.That was the word of the day with temperatures in the 20s. I decided to not even bother putting the Hankooks on as I did not think they would do well in the cold. That and I took the air out of the tires for the winter and didn’t feel like filling them back up. That was probably the right decision as many were complaining of lack of grip due to the cold. I started to get some false hope as I was 1st in class for most of the heat. Then I was beaten on my last run by a solid second. In the winter we run “pick your own heat” format so there were still other STS runners to go. I ended up 6th after the end of the day, or 5th if you discount Corey b/c he usually runs PRO. I’m not sure who the other drivers were, except for Rolandas in the Eclipse who was the one to beat me out in my heat and he normally gets me by a 1/2 second or two. I guess I shouldn’t be too disapointed as I was on stock sized all-seasons and others were on Azenis and such but I still want to win!! It’s gonna be another long year if I am still not competitive at the top of the class.