Still stuggling for speed

It’s great to be back on my “competition tires” again. Love the grip. I dunno why I was expecting to finish higher than mid pack when I haven’t done anything to the car since last summer. My runs were pretty good from the get go. I was in third, then got bumped to fourth and then fifth. Struggling for ideas of where to pick up speed I had Eric Simmons go with me on my third run. I could be more agressive getting on the gas coming out the turns. I picked up a little bit of time with him in the car despite a bobble going into the slolam. I knew I could pick up another 1/2 second. I also decided, on a whim, to loosen the front shocks one setting. Well I pushed hard (will not handling push) on my last run and managed a second improvement. But… I hit a cone on the LAST gate. I was charging that hard. I usually don’t hit cones. I would have been in 5th wihtout the cone. I think the softer front shock settings helped to mitigate some of the inside wheelspin I was getting over the winter. I’ll carry over that knoledge to my new Koni setup. Yes, I finially got some Konis. They are used but still should be in good shape. And a new Ground Control kit with 400 F&R springs should be here soon. Can’t wait to get them on the car. Plus I picked up a 13.5 lb Genesis battery.:-)