Another beautiful day

Eat your heart out PA. I heard you got snow showers and we were close to 70!!!

We ended up going out to a local bar. We met a guy who has been in SF for 2 years. Fun random conversation (name is Brian). Met another local Californian guy who bought us shots and a round. He was older (name Scott). Until the end of the night, it was great. I had Strawberry Stoli and Lemonade and a Tokyo Tea (long island but instead of coke, midori is used, so it’s 100% alcohol) I actually ordered 2 of those things. We did a shot of woowoos.

We woke up late so we missed the walking tour at Golden Gate so we rented bikes. Boy, we won’t do that again. We biked from the Wharf, over the Golden Gate bridge into Sausalito. Gorgeous place. Biking was horrible. I’m way too out of shape but I’d do it again. Paul and I got into a little tiff b/c of me stopping and double checking the directions. I’m also so slow. I hate the really steep hills and after slipping once, I walked down some of the scarier ones. Sausalito is GORGEOUS. We went through it, stopped for a little ice cream and some drinks (Chocolate Macadamia nut ice cream, iced latte and paul got a smoothie of banana, strawberrry and apple juice). We took the ferry back as the tickets were included with our Bike Tour. It was great getting out on the bay and taking a real break.

Paul is napping right now and we need to get some foooooooood. I think we’ll be getting some Salvadorian food or we might go up for some Indian near Ghiradelli square called Gaylord. I didn’t get to call Natalie and that makes me sad. It’s about 8pm now back home. I hope everyone is doing well and feel free to leave some comments!

I’ll be posting a bit more later along with our new pictures.