Rain Rain Go Away

The first event I got to run on my pimpy new suspension was a Philly SCCA event at Boeing in Ridley Park, PA. The Boeing lot is small and the courses tight so not the best test for a new setup. It rained off-and-on the whole morning, including 30 min where it poured and an hour lightning break. Buy the time I ran in the fourth heat the ground was dry. The car handled well, but I thought on the tight turn the car understeered. With the short Boeing courses there isn’t a lot you can tell about the handling. I finished last in class (out of 6) and 36 out of 102 in PAX. Not the performance I was hoping for but this was the first outing. I still have to learn the limits of the car.

The next event was three weeks later at Warminster Community Park. Warminster is an old airstrip so the courses have a lot of transitional stuff and only one real sweeper, the turn around. But because of the length you always get some high speed elements. I figured it would be a good test. The weather had other ideas. It rained on and off the entire event.

Since I had no idea how the car would handle in the dry, much less the wet, my natural inclination is to take it easy if I feel unsafe. But I told myself I had to push it till I spin so I could learn the limits of the car. Thats part of what autocross is about right? Once on course though instinct took over and although I wasn’t babying it I didn’t push it hard enough to spin or loose control. The car was very good in the rain. Surprisingly good. Lots of grip. Well controlled. It didn’t oversteer. I ended up 5th out of 6 and 94th out of 176 in PAX. That’s all I can say about the first two events. I got wet. And I didn’t get to learn the limits of the car.