Some Geek Updates

I’ve been busy lately with some geeky projects. Well one is kinda autocross related. :-p My SCCA Region runs a discussion forum as part of the website. Since I have some coding knowledge I volunteered to help put with the website and got put in charge of that. We use phpBB software. It’s free, its stable, pretty popular, and with lots of user submitted extensions (Mods) and styles. And they have recently released version 3 of their software. It is a total re-write of the code with numerous enhancements both for the users and admins. We want to roll this out but first I wanted to make skin for the new software using our region colors. Our current skin is the default one that comes with the board. The new default skin has too much bright blue for me. And I wanted something a little different. I hope to roll that out soon. Using our “region color” was tough because it is yellow. Yes, yellow. It is really hard to work with. Really hard. But I am close to something usable that everyone can agree on.

I’ve also installed some mods to extend the functionality a bit. And I have modded the code a bit myself, as well as helping to get the Topic Preview mod working. I’ll be posting up these mods in the discussion forum on this site, which is run on… you guessed it, phpBB3, soon. Then I will be posting them in the Mod Development forum on IN addition to that I’ve been woking on some updates to this website. I need to create a new portal or front page for I can’t decide if I want to have a dedicated portal or just use this blog for the front page. Hhhmmm. AND… I’ve been working on something I wanted to do for a while, put weather info on the website. I’m re-writing an older WordPress plugin that I found. More about that in another post. Oh the off-season. And of course there is the wedding stuff which you can read about over on our wedding blog.