Offseason Planning

I should have written this post back in January when it really was the off season since there has been a few test & tunes already. None that I’ve been able to go to though. Typically the winter is spent planning what you are going to do to the car, or I should say planning what you are going to spend on the car. Since I sunk a lot of money into getting the Miata to it’s current level of prep last year and I’m saving for a wedding and honeymoon I’m on a limited budget for this year. Fortunately there is not a whole lot of stuff left to do to the car. Since the season is right around the corner I started ordering parts last week.

Some small stuff I had to take car of is replacing stuff that is broken on the car. That meant ordering a new gauge hood from Mazda Motorsports. While there I picked up some new spark plug wires to hopefully address the occasional rough idle I get. I also ordered some NB style upper shocks mounts from Fat Cat Motorsports. There is a lot of conjecture about if these mounts are better or needed. But I purchased them to solve a very specific problem. I wrote before about how the perches on my coilovers are dangerously close to the axles, especially on the left side where the axle has rubbed against the perch. These FCM mounts are 1/2″ shorter than the stock mounts. Normally they lower the car by 1/2″. But since I have coilovers I can raise the car back up to where it should be, and this will move the perches away from the axles. 😀

The only other thing I’m going to do is convert the car to manual steering. The manual rack could turn out to be hard to find and not exactly cheap. I’m still looking around for this item and something that goes with it, a lightened crank pulley. More about that stuff in my next post.