2008 Philly Event 2

This will be short and sweet. I didn’t really touch the car in between this and the last event. Except that I had to fix a flat tire I got the day after the last event when I took the car to work. I also had a bad vibration on the way home from the event. It has subsided some now but didn’t go away or get different when I rotated tires front to back. Feels like it’s coming from the rear. At the last event we also started getting a when loading the suspension up hard. We suspected it was the front sway bar rod-ends but after Eric rode along with me he said it sounds like loose alignment bolts. The front ones are old and could very well be slipping. I didn’t get to do much poking around with the car as it reained a lot in the two weeks between events.

The car was a handful on the first run, very loose. We softened up the rear shocks as much as we could and ran the fronts at nearly full stiff. It was manageable for me but you had to keep in the back of your mind that it was a little loose. The event wasn’t that memorable other than that stuff. I managed third in class out of 8, half a second behind Doug, and 32nd out of 127 in PAX.