Devens Tour to-dos

The Devens National Tour is coming up in less then a week and there is lots to do to get ready and not enough time. I hoped to have the manual steering done by now but that was not to be. I did get the chance to try and polish the paint on the badly faded hood and front bumper. It came out better then I expected. It was not without a lot of work however. Irene had purchased some professional grade Mequires stuff at the suggestion of the Mequired rep who comes out for the LVMOC detail days. It is meant to be used with a rotary buffer. She thought the rotaries were too expensive but bought a nice orbital buffer and we tried to buff the hood with that last summer. It barely did anything. So I finally got around to picking up a rotary buffer at Harbor Freight. Regularly $39.99 and on sale for $29.99. Love that place. And boy did it make a difference.

The paint on the hod came back better then I thought I would. Especially since I didn’t really know what I was doing. It still has some dull area, along the edges, around the hump in the middle of the hood. And there seems to be something funky on the drivers rear fender b/c it’s pealing off in spots. The door and the other fenders brightened up real nice too. I was not able to do the back or the lower valances due to the fact that they were dirty and I was loosing daylight. The next day was an event at Warminster. Race report coming up for that soon. So in the next three days I need to finish buffing the car, put a coat of wax on it, get it inspected (yes I realized yesterday the inspection is up in May!), put the baby teeth and rear tow hooks back in, and steal the front undertray from Irene’s car and put on my car. Makes me tired just talking about it.

As a teaser here is an action shot from yesterday’s very fast course, courtesy sc2pete: