MaxQData is here…

and the website is down so I can’t download the software and get it setup.
Fail Picture
Actually I’m getting a DNS error so it could be Comcast as well. I choose to go with the HiDef model (10Hz vs. 5) mostly on the more is better premise. I also picked up an HP hx2490 PDA off eBay to use with it. It’s a Windows Mobile 5 device and comes with some internal persistent memory as well as a CF slot. It will be nice to use the PDA for a calendar and tasks with all the wedding stuff that has to be taken care of. If only I could get the Google Calendar Sync to work. This line seems to be ringing more and more true:

Out of order? Fuck! Even in the future nothing works. – Spaceballs

P.S. – Thanks Uncle Sam for buying me some cool Data Aq stuff, even though the economic stimulus ain’t gonna do squat.