Almost had it, 2008 Philly Event 5

The win that is. It slipped right through my fingers. Doug has been beating me by a second or two every event. I guess my lessons learned from the Tour about aggressive turn-in paid off. We were at Warminster and the course was a mixture of fast brave elements and painfully slow ones. The “Way out” was mostly fast. A slalom, a “wallom” (a slalom with some wall elements) with a shorter third element, and a semi tight chicane type maneuver that reminded me of last year’s Holbert a bit. But if you got the first part of the chicane right you were flat to the turnaround. After that was a nice slalom and then began the painfully tight offsets. The course designer stated he was trying something and it just didn’t work out. There were 5 offsets I think and they opened up progressively. The last one was very open and led into a fast three cone slalom. The finish had us on the rev limiter on almost every run. This was also the first real event with my MaxQ and I can say that the rev limiter is only at 55 mph. Im gonna have to do something about that next year if I’m going to keep up with the CRXes.

My first run as usual wasn’t anything special at a 66.x but on my second run I was able to improve to a 64.x. My main goal was to be aggressive with turn-in in the fast stuff and try to sting together fast segments. And then not kill myself on the slow stuff. Doug was making up some time by doing a not entrance to the three cone slalom on the way out and doing that netted me some more time. I got a little too aggressive with the slow stuff on the third run and didn’t improve. Doug was dirty on most or all of his previous runs but he laid down a 63.0. Eek. He still wasn’t happy with how he was doing the slow stuff and said that I was doing that part better than him. I tried to put it all together my fourth run as well and was surprised with a 63.3, which even more surprising was good enough for a second place! I don’t know what happened to Dan the Man but I had heard that he was battling with Justin Stone, who was on some new Toyos, so I thought we were behind those guys. But we were in the lead.

The bigger surprise is after packing up and doing back to the truck George was joking around about me sabotaging my co-driver. On the results Doug had a cone on his last run so I was in 1st!! I don’t remember the cone but wasn’t going to question it too much and I took home my mug. Two days later when the results came out that cone disappeared. It wasn’t on the cone confirmer’s sheets so Doug took the 1st back from me.

I played with the MaxQ data some when I got home. Some of Doug’s runs have bad GPS drift so it’s tough to compare exactly. But I was able to watch Doug’s and my runs together in real time and see who was faster in which section. I also got to make some cool color-coded course maps using and Google Earth. I was worried about the 20 mph auto-logging speed being too high because of my experience at Boeing. At Boeing manual recording might be needed but at most autocrosses the default settings worked just fine. I manually recorded my first run and then tried it with the defaults after talking to some others who have the same unit. Setting it up for two co-drivers was a breeze one I figured out that you had to hit the down arrow on the PocketPC to switch drivers. I was frantically flipping through the manual in grid. I’m very happy with that purchase. I haven’t had time to look at other people’s runs due to being busy with the wedding. But I think that will be a big help to my driving too.