Found the Source of that Tire Vibration

Ever since the first or second event of the season I’ve had a vibration at high speeds. I checked various things on the car and nothing seemed out of place. I took a look at the tires while they were on the car looking for flat spots and didn’t see any. I figured a weight fell off or a tire shifted enough to throw it out of balance and just lived with it since I don’t drive the car that far on my competition tires. I was changing back to my stock tires for the drive up to the Finger Lakes ProSolo and what do I see? A big old flat spot.
Flatspoted Tire
That explains that. The front brakes tend to lock up early on these cars and it looks like it finally caught up with us. After my experiences with mismatched tires on the Prelude I realize that I have to replace them in pairs. I hate the idea of throwing out a perfectly good tire so I’m gonna just run on this and keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn’t cord. Hopefully I can get through August on it. We have the Al Holbert Memorial and possibly PA States that month. Both two day events.