We’re in!

Well all my complaining in my last post may be taken to be null and void considering what I’m about to say next. But I stand by my position. The first time homebuyer tax credit is/was creating artificial spikes in home prices. All you have to do is look at how home sales and home prices fell in December. But now we are part of the club. We are homeowners! And this is the main reason for my lack of posting for the last three months.

The homebuying experience was interesting and stressful and we learned some things to look out for next time. But we have closed! We are 75% moved. And lots of repairs and painting is under way. Hopefully I’ll be able to make smaller posts along the way as we fix some of the issues with the house and mold it into our vision. Now that I finally installed the WordPress2 iPhone app that actually works with me self-hosted blog that will be easier!