Common Sense in an Article about Climate Change

Usually articles mentioning Climate Change are filled with FUD, especially pro-AGW ones. So I was pleased to read this article on the MIT Technology Review website that actually used some common sense and temperance in regard to our (Earth’s) future energy usages. Although the thought of John Kerry going around a making deals with the IPCC crowd it is encouraging to see this printed in a mainstream website.

Before we commit to binding emissions goals or other climate change treaties, and ask other countries to do so as well, we need to confront the fact that dealing with climate change will come at a cost. Fossil fuels have significant drawbacks, but the availability of cheap energy has helped bring clean water, lighting, medicine, and many other benefits to the poor. Raising the price of fossil fuels will directly hurt people. It’s essential to take that into account when figuring out what to do about the effects of climate change.