STS2 Miata Setup

This was the setup for my STS2 Mazda Miata when someone rearended me and totaled the car.

Suspension Modifications:

  • Koni Sport shocks with “RACE” valving and shortened bodies. Single adjustable (rebound) and good for spring rates up to 1000 lb/in.
  • Ground Control coilover sleeves
  • Eibach 2.5″ ID race springs: 550 lb/in front, 350 lb/in rear
  • FatCatMotorsports upper shock mounts, rear only
  • Racing Beat 1.125″ diameter hollow front anti-roll bar
  • Stock or no rear anti-roll bar depending on conditions
  • Custom rod-end front anti-roll bar end links
  • Enkei RPF-01 15″x7″ wheels
  • 195/50R15 Bridgestone RE-01R tires

Engine Modifications:

  • Jackson Racing 4-2-1 header
  • EMI OEM type catalytic converter
  • Enthusacar cat-back exhuast, mild steel piping, no resontator, uses a Borla muffler
  • DDMWorks heatsheild intake
  • Timing advanced to 14° BTDC
  • 91 octane gas or better (due to timing)


  • Unknown front pads
  • Hawk HPS rear pads

Weight Reduction:

  • Odessey PC680 battery


Note: These setting are not optimal and were due to be tweaked in the next season. I would try 2.0° camber in the rear.

  • Front
  • Camber 2.3°
  • Caster 4.0° (maxed)
  • Toe 0.30° (1/8″) out

  • Rear
  • Camber 2.5°
  • Toe 0.20° in (almost 3/32″)

Typical Settings:

  • Front Shocks: Turn to full stiff and back off 1.5 knobs on the Koni adjuster
  • Rear Shocks: 3 knobs from full soft
  • Tire Pressure: 34 psi hot

To Do plans for 2009:

  • Convert to manual steering
  • Install lightweight crank pulley
  • Replace front alignment bolts, have bolts, will do with rack swap
  • Drill out & replace broken bolts for driver’s front fender
  • Drill out broken screws for undertray & replace undertray
  • Install Hard Dog tow hitch
  • Work on alignment settings
  • Chippable ECU?

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