Paul's phpBB Mods

You have probably arrived here looking for a phpBB MOD I developed. I have stopped development on phpBB MODs. The biggest reason for this was that I became tired of modifying the core files of phpBB. I guess you could say I got spoiled by working with other software packages with an actual plugin system like Wordpress or Gallery. This really sucked when the core code around your MODified code was changed in an update.

The other big deterrant was the same questions that came up over and over again in the support thread, even though you had answered them. This is certainly not unique to my little open source piece of code. Supporting the code via a single forum thread makes this effect worse IMHO. All of the MODs are still here available for download. They all work and are used on a production site.

I used to have the information on these MODs in a phpBB board that I also used for testing and development. Since I am not developing on that platform anymore it just became a place for spammers to spread thier filth. For that reason I have taken the board down.

Topic Preview

Description: It shows a short preview of the first or last post's text in a tooltip type box when you hover over the topic title. It is admin configurable and can be user configurable if admin the allows it. It works in search results as well as regular topic pages.

Last Version: 0.7.0a MOD Development Thread:

Notes: I was the third developer of the mod. Two other developers abandoned it. I took it over between version 0.5.4 and 0.5.5. When I stopped working on it, in October 2008, it was a fully working MOD. I wanted to add one more feature to it before submitting it the be approved by the phpBB MOD team. I never got around to adding that feature before I stopped development in phpBB MODs. This was the only MOD I had a thread for in the MOD development fourm at That thread, and the MOD is now marked as abandoned.


Changes in 0.7.0a:
  • Fixed an edit location in search.php.
  • Replaced all occurrences of document with this.topiclink in showpreview and hide preview methods in topic_preview.html.
Changes in 0.7.0:
  • Re-wrote Javascript to fix Internet Explorer flicker and mouseover issues.
  • Revised the way the text is passed to the template engine due to the Javascript changes.
  • Removed the call-time pass-by-reference from viewforum.php and search.php that caused a warning on some PHP installations.
Changes in 0.6.1:
  • Updated for phpBB 3.0.1
Changes in 0.6.0:
  • Added Topic Preview to search results.
  • Can now preview first or last post.
  • Most code moved out of viewforum.php and into the TopicPreview class.
  • Code to determine if Topic Preview is to be displayed rewritten.
  • Code to strip out bbcodes & magic links revised. Now leaves all urls, emails, smilie text in preview (except urls inside the url bbcode).
Changes in 0.5.5:
  • Fixed issues with line wraps in the preview text.
  • Fixed some template variable assignments.
  • Improved (in my mind) the look of the box that contains the preview. The original design mimics the look of the prosilver index page and topic list with the rounded corners and thick borders. My version uses a thin 1px rectangular border and a light background.
Previous Versions Development Threads:

Today's Posts

Description: Adds a search for the posts in the last 24 hours (aka Today's Posts) at the top of the index page. It is the same as the vBulletin function of the same name.

Last Version: 0.2.0


Eviler Quick Reply

Description: Add a very no frills quick quick reply box to the bottom of each topic. This mod is based on Evil Quick Reply written by phpBB contributor evil<3. I stripped a few things out, improved the style of the textarea, and added the ability to toggle it on and off per user.

Last Version: 1.1.0

This mod is based on the Evil Quick Reply written by phpBB contributor evil<3. I added a few improvements and the ability to toggle on and off via the UCP.

Original MOD:

Notes: Quick Reply is now baked into the phpBB core. The feature seems to largely be based on the MOD I based this on. You should probably just use the pre-packaged one now. On the one site I still support I am using the core code but I overwrote the template file with the template file from my theme (with even more stuff stripped out) so it looks the same as it did.

Features: The original version placed a Quick Reply button at the top and bottom of the topic page next to the Post Reply button. The quick reply box was hidden until the button was clicked. This was unnecessary in my mind so I got rid of it. I also made the box wider and fixed an issue with the position of the box and the right side borders missing. In version 1.1.0 I added an option to the UCP to allow a user to turn the feature on or off.


eZ Links in New Windows

Description: Since the default Prosilver theme is XHTML 1.0 Strict, links do not open in new tabs or windows since the _target attribute is not allowed. This Mod makes links in posts, signatures, PM's, and link type forums open in new tabs/windows by adding the _target attribute back in via javascript. It does so without altering the bbcode or url matching code. All changes are done by adding some javascript code to your style header template file.

Last Version: 0.1.2


Changes in 0.1.2:
  • Removed getAttributes() from 1st loop because of an IE issue.